About Me

I’m an associate professor of Finance at Toulouse Business School, in France.

After completing my PhD at Caltech, I worked at Bocconi University in Italy, at ESC-Rennes School of Business, and now I’m here, in the dpt. of Finance. I conduct research in two main areas:

  • Asset markets
    • Experiments and – when necessary – theory, on trade and possible equilibration of asset markets (when the main motive for trade is risk sharing)
    • Experiments asking whether asset markets can ameliorate limitations (of information, of computational ability or reasoning, etc.) of market participants
  • Applied game theory. Experiments on game-theoretical models linked mostly to the study of labor relations, but not only

Promoting Intellectual Discovery (Meloso, Copic, Bossaerts) Strategic Alliances (Banal-Estañol, Kretschmer, Meloso, Seldeslachts) Response Time (Brañas-Garza, Meloso, Miller)  Reputational Cheap Talk (Meloso, Ottaviani)Dynamic Completeness (Bossaerts, Meloso, Zame)

Econometrics I flirted with as a PhD student and keep coming back to whenever I find a chance to study some, either alone or with colleagues. As an experimentalist I am not so concerned with counterfactuals (we create them in the lab), but I find studying the statistics of causality and counterfactuals both fun and useful.